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Every organization wants exceptional critical thinkers, emotionally intelligent talent, and tech savvy individuals able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  The challenge isn't in buying all the red capes. It's finding programs that teach up-to-date skills and valuable workplace attributes centered on your corporate culture and not a  one-size-fits all model.

We create affordable, customized instructor-led training, supported by on-line learning portals that establish universal models and a shared culture across departments a provide an easy way to PowerUp your employees.

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Soft Skills

For some, human nature isn't always second nature.

Tech Skills

Give your employees more power to perform.


Motivate teams. Move them into action.  Create fun.

Red Capes

What’s Being Said

I was very impressed with Ms. Leigh's style of presentation and the connection she had with the participants. LMC's expertise to meet the standards of learning and goals have directly contributed to the success of our program. I am highly confident that no matter the challenge, LMC's instructional design will meet any organization's strategic goals and initiatives.

J Hall-Nate

Our company focuses on training and development of its salesforce, not just on products and services.   Personal development and team building are an integral part of our environment.  LMC provides cohesive learning programs that support our business model and culture. Additionally, they have built tracking systems to monitor team progress and provide evaluation and feedback.

D Roose

Our programs entail a variety of engaging hands-on learning to diverse populations and relates to increased productivity for job-site replacement.  For the past four years, our training programs remain relevant and continually meet our goals and objectives. I recommend LMC for their training expertise and instructor-led programs.

H Threatt

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