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Working Together

Soft Skills

Making Human Nature Second Nature

Most organizations have a desire to improve both behavorial and emotional intelligence within their corporate culture, but feel training it is difficult and unmeasurable. LMC has programs to make the intangible, tangible. Our training provides companies the opportunity to develop leaders and employees across a spectrum of workforce opportunities. Our tools create learning environments designed to enhance leadership and interpersonal relationships alongside workplace duties in order to meet the changing landscape.

Get in Touch
Skills: Soft Skills
Giving a Presentation

Tech Skills

PowerUp Daily Activities

When it comes to getting your employees savvy on software, applications, and overall presentation skills, companies are challenged by generic course offerings that DO NOT create practical exercises relevant to their organization's specific needs.  Our courses, from basic computers on up to accounting bootcamps, are developed based on what your employees do and how they use the application.

Skills: Tech Skills


Sometimes it take an EVENT to motivate, create, and have fun.

Are you looking to go beyond the classroom?  
Team Building Events and Educational Series enliven and enrich.

Skills: Interventions

Mission Possible 

Employ your specific corporate objectives in this fast paced, high tech event. Each team’s mission, “should they choose to accept it…” will involve participating in activities that include creative brainstorming, games of skill or chance, and puzzle solving; all designed to keep the groups entertained and energized. The small group activities will be subject to twists and turns with time limits as they pursue their solution to their given mission.

The Eagle Maker Series

An eagle instinctively knows it can fly! Learn how to knock down the barriers that keep one grounded. Restore hope and develop leadership by learning how to assimilate and apply eagle-like characteristics. Create change and purpose with the Eagle's symbolism of courage and inspiration. Maximize  employee talents to build stronger organizations while retaining core beliefs and principles. Powerfully bridge the gap between disengagement and engagement and become fully connected in body, mind and spirit!

Women Drivers: Discovering Leadership

A closer look at the performance factors that drive great leadership, specifically in women. This workshop is beneficial to finding one’s own leadership talents while addressing thought processes that hinder or prohibit improved performance. Focus is given to creating and implementing corporate objectives. Participants also develop an understanding of how to create the right balance to steer success and direct people within departments or on team projects.

From Impoverished

To Enriched

Communities strive to foster enrichment for those who come from poverty stricken communities. Learning how to overcome the barriers begins with introspection of cultural competency and the desire to create change! By fusing scarcity viewpoints of children, parents and educators with the exploration of biases and limiting beliefs, participants learn proven strategies that create systems to aid efforts, improve metrics, and increase capabilities to serve

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